Joshua Parmenter

Recent and Selected Works

Passacaglia (2015) — for cello and real-time electronics
La Folia (2013-14) — for computer realized sound and real-time spatialization
d'Amore (2011) — for violin and live electronics
Corpi Sonori (2010) — for flute, clarinet, cello and live electronics.
Risonanza (2009) — for computer realized sound and resonant space.
Contracantus I (2007-9) — for flute and / or recorder and live electronics.
Theta (IV. Ritardando) (2006-9) — for viola and live electronics.
Anacrusis (I. Crescendo) (2006-7) — for cello and eight voice amplified choir.
Palimpsest (2003-6) — for electric guitar and live electronics.
Phoenix (2006) — a duet for high voice, double bass and live electronics.
Concerto (II. Accelerando) (2006) — for double bass and computer realized sound.
Cadence (III. Decrescendo) (2005) — for computer realized sound.
Organon Sostenuto (2004) — for flute, bassoon, cello, double bass and live electronics.
Crosstide (2003-4) — for computer realized sound and choreography (choreography by Rebecca Chisman).
Music for Bassoon (2002-3) — for bassoon and live electronics.
Music for Periphery of Knowing (2002) — for computer realized sound and choreography (choreography by Kelly Knox) .
Music for Guitar and Vibraphone (2002) — for classical fretless guitar and microtonal vibraphone.
I Was Born To Sing (2002) — for computer realized sound, live electronics and audience.
String Quartet (2002) — for string quartet, based on Music for Solo Viola.
Three Poems (2002) — for low voice, three cellos and percussion (on texts by S. Tanikawa).
Music for Solo Viola (2001)
Music for G4 (2001) — for computer realized sound.
Music for Trombone (2001) — for trombone, flute, english horn, cello, bassoon and double bass.
Music for Percussion, Piano and Prepared Piano (2000-2001)

Listing of Recent Performances